At Design Thinking, we are a marketing agency in Brantford that values ‘creativity through insight’. We know that creating effective advertising campaigns should involve research so that every move we make and every message we craft is targeted and strategic; we never rest on assumptions.

Developing a brand strategy and marketing communications campaign is a practice that we have proven works, time and time again.

Helping our clients grow their business is not only what we work for, but it’s what makes us who we are.

With over 33 incredible years of marketing experience, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with a vast array of clients in various industries. With each unique client, one thing always stays the same, the results we achieve.


Knowledge is power and we aim to gain as much power as possible. How well we know your brand, your product or service, the surrounding environment, and how can we get you that sought-after edge. It’s about keeping on top of everything, including digital marketing – from Social Media trends to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to ensure you don’t get left behind.

Our job is to deliver your message, to your audience, at the right time, in the most effective ways possible, using everything at our disposal with flawless execution.

Our in-house team of experts seamlessly collaborates on projects, meaning you can speak directly with the team handling your project. Check out our gallery where each project has a strategy behind the story, or give us a call at (519) 758-0901, we’d love to talk to you.



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