How We Used Google Ads to Bring Clients to a New Business in Brantford

Published On: 27 July 2023

The Challenge

After developing a brand and building a stunning website to bring it to life, this new Brantford business was ready to bring users to their website and get customers walking through their just-opened doors. With a brand new website that wasn’t yet ranking high in Google, our client needed an immediate and cost-effective way of generating new business.

The Solution

To make the most of their modest budget, we set up a search ad campaign using Google Ads to target potential customers throughout Brantford and Brant County who were already searching for one of their many services. We crafted ad copy that was carefully targeted to the keywords in each service’s ad group, while still in alignment with the brand’s overall messaging and voice.

Connecting the ads with their Google My Business profile and a full complement of ad extensions helped draw extra attention to their ads by prominently displaying their location, phone number, service offerings and promotions.

The Results

Just as they needed, our ad campaign helped get the phones ringing and customers in the door. In just the first quarter of the campaign, their ads were seen over 38,000 times and generated over 1,800 clicks. This generated 170 inquiries and online bookings that we could directly track through Google Ads.

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