Meta Business Suite and the Business Manager – What’s the Difference?   

Published On: 30 November 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of the “Metaverse”, staying on top of the latest tools and platforms is essential to keep up. If you’re part of the digital marketing and social media world, chances are you’ve heard about Meta Business Suite and Business Manager, but you may be wondering: what exactly are they, and more importantly, what sets them apart?  


Meta Business Suite: A Closer Look 

Meta Business Suite, formerly known as Facebook Business Suite, is a comprehensive tool designed to simplify social media management for businesses. This suite brings the management of your Facebook and Instagram accounts to one feed, allowing users to schedule posts, respond to messages, and analyze performance metrics—all from one centralized page.  

Key Features of Meta Business Suite 

  1. Content Scheduling: Plan and schedule posts across Facebook and Instagram, ensuring a consistent online presence.
  2. Message Management: Respond to messages and engage with your audience seamlessly through a unified inbox.
  3. Insights and Analytics: Track the performance of your content with detailed analytics, helping you make informed decisions for your digital strategy.
  4. Ad Campaign Monitoring: Monitor and manage your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns efficiently.

Business Manager: A Closer Look 

While Meta Business Suite focuses primarily on social media, Business Manager is an all-encompassing platform that caters to various aspects of your online presence, not limited to just Facebook and Instagram. Page Access and Management are key features of the Business Manager, allowing you to add administrators to your Facebook page(s).  

Key Features of Business Manager 

  1. Ad Accounts and Campaigns: Manage ad accounts, create ad campaigns, and track their performance across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and even beyond the Meta ecosystem.
  2. Page Management: Administer and control multiple Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts from a centralized dashboard.
  3. Asset Library: Organize and store creative assets, making it easier to collaborate with team members and streamline the creative process.
  4. Employee Access Control: Delegate roles and permissions to team members, ensuring secure and controlled access to business assets.

What’s the Difference?  

In short: Meta Business Suite is like a tool just for handling Facebook and Instagram stuff, especially if you’re running a small or medium-sized business and want to keep things simple on social media. Business Manager is a bigger tool that does a lot more – it’s not just for social media, but for all kinds of online things like ads and different platforms. Both tools help with ads, but Business Manager has more choices for ads on different places online. 

Which Platform Do I Need? Choosing the Right Tool for Your Business 

The choice between Meta Business Suite and Business Manager ultimately depends on the scale and nature of your business operations.  Deciding between Meta Business Suite and Business Manager depends on how big and what kind of stuff your business does. If you mainly want to handle social media and ads on Meta’s platforms like Facebook and Instagram, go for Meta Business Suite. If your business does a lot more, like complicated ads on different platforms, Business Manager gives you more options and control. 


Whether you like the easy way of Meta Business Suite or the powerful features of Business Manager, both can help your business succeed online. If you need help deciding or want assistance with your social media game, just give our social team a call at 519-758-0901 or fill out our online form– we’re here for you!