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Welcome to Design Thinking.
Design Thinking is a marketing agency that values ‘creativity through insight’. We believe that to create effective advertising campaigns, you need to find out all the facts and not rest on assumptions. You need to deliver your message, to your audience, at the right time, in the most effective ways possible, using everything at your disposal.
Design Thinking is an agency with a new name, a new brand, and 30 years of incredible marketing experience to draw from. We are driven, every day, to create the most effective advertising and design possible and to help our clients grow their businesses. It’s not only what we work for, but it’s what makes us who we are.

Creativity Through Insight.

These words make a world of difference, day in and day out in everything we do in our agency. It’s insight – how well do we know the product, service or company that can give us the edge. And when you know all there is to know, only then can you go to work on how to deliver the correct message and creatively serve it up with powerful impact. Knowledge is power, and knowledge makes the difference in how we practice our craft and in the results we can achieve for our clients.

You have to know where to look.
The world around us is changing before our eyes and if we blink, we’ll miss the next big thing. Design and all of its component parts are changing just as fast. We are constantly looking for new roads, new ways to communicate our message. It’s a new world order for society and for marketing to those people. That makes it a great time to be a designer. In The Design Thinking Agency, we don’t fear change, we seek it out.
Social Media is a great example. It has exploded and changed the marketing landscape completely. Connectivity, conversation and content rules. Embrace the dialogue or get left behind because regardless, that vacuum will get filled, but perhaps to your disadvantage. Social Media has become a core component of most marketing communications programs. And the change and disruptions will continue, so we advise our clients to stay engaged.

Design Thinking deals with what does not exist, and breakthroughs that come from asking new questions, not debating existing solutions – re-examining what we take as a given.

The Design Thinking Agency.

Gldstudio, as many of you know us, has evolved to The Design Thinking Agency, or Design Thinking. All companies need to evolve to meet the ever changing challenges that face them, and we’re no different. We are advancing our strategic perspective and skills to better meet the ever changing digital market conditions.

Design Thinking is our way of looking at these marketing challenges and then applying our processes to maximize business results. We ground our imagination to guide successful outcomes. Test. Learn. Apply. Repeat. Our goal is to help our clients business thrive through strategic insight, which drives unmatched creativity and impactful execution.


None of this matters if you can’t deliver the goods.

We know it’s all about the bottom line. The ROI. You need to deliver your message, to your audience, at the right time, in the most effective ways possible, using everything at your disposal. And that’s the key – exploring all avenues and checking all assumptions. At the core, we deliver validated, insightful ideas that drive results. Brand. Web. Digital. Print… And drive it home through flawless execution.

Clients we’ve worked with

gldstudio first developed our logo over 20 years ago.  When the internet was invented, they designed our first ever webpage, months ahead of our competitors.  We have now come to rely on Design Thinking for all aspects of our branding and image, and cannot recommend them highly enough.
– Scott Lyons, Extend Communications



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