Grissin Bon

Commercial, Special Projects
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Grissin Bon is prevalent Italian company, internationally known for their bakery products. As this would be a brand-new product that many North Americans would be seeing for the first time, we wanted the packaging to be clean and simple, similar to the ingredients from which Grissin Bon’s breadsticks and gongoli are made. It was also important to preserve as well as promote their Italian heritage to a North American audience. Ingredients, tradition and values were all aspects the packaging had to bring to life.


This was a full-service project for Design Thinking. We started with market research and focus groups to provide information on what kind packaging to create for this Italian brand to succeed in North America. We developed the concept, took the photography, and designed the packaging which features many ways you can enjoy this delicious product. Grissin Bon breadsticks and gongoli can now be seen in grocery stores across Canada and the United States. We also created all the imagery for their Costco launch in select Ontario and Quebec markets.

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