Hamilton Cab

Brand Development
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Officially formed in 2003, Hamilton Cab’s history dates back even further as the company was created through the merging of Veterans Taxi and Hamilton Co-op Taxi. Then in 2006, Hamilton Cab bought Hamilton’s oldest taxi company, Yellow Cab, to further their expansion. With three different companies united, Hamilton Cab has over 95 years of dependable service and a fleet of over 200 vehicles. As their fleet continues to grow during a time where travellers now have multiple transportation options, the company realized the need for a unified brand that could compete with new competition and revolutionize the Hamilton Cab name. They needed an updated, modern look to match the evolution of their app and become accessible to a more diverse audience. This is where we came in.


As one of Hamilton’s largest taxi companies, our goal for Hamilton Cab was to create a standout brand that is easily recognized and trusted within the Hamilton region, positioning them as Hamilton’s premier taxi service. In a world always being driven by the next leading technological advancement, many companies forget that their customers should be the most important influencing factor of their business. A modern design with a friendly and local feel became our goal which led to the “Powered by you” movement. This slogan brings Hamilton’s diverse group of travellers to the feeling that their needs are on the top of Hamilton Cab’s list. To best represent Hamilton and its residents the new look highlights words such as adventure, community, and pride which creates an undeniable connection. With over 95 years of service in the Hamilton area, rebuilding a unified brand not only supports Hamilton Cab’s company and services, but also revitalizes the Hamilton community as a whole. View other materials.