Advantage Vinyl

Brand Development
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Since 1994, Advantage Vinyl has been bringing creativity to life with fleet graphic design, fleet wrapping, production decals and signage. But they needed an updated logo to reflect their years of expertise, exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. Design Thinking was challenged to create a brand, which was already well known, but giving it a sleek and cutting-edge appearance; one which stood out and caught the eye, but still maintained dedicated professionalism.


Knowing that Advantage Vinyl has the skills, technology and capacity to serve almost any sized vehicle fleet, we wanted to establish the immediate appearance of the brand as world class. Levelling up the style of the logo both in simplicity and creativity, we created a design that evokes a feeling of motion. The lettering is highly legible equally on a large sign as it is on a small decal without sacrificing creative appeal. We modernized the brand look without clinging too heavily to design trends that will disappear quickly and allow brand recognition to carry out a strong future.

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