Brand Development
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Since 1997, RBT Electrical and Automation Services has provided expert and complete electrical contracting and industrial automation services to keep your business up and running. From ongoing maintenance and repairs to custom designs and installs, RBT is your source for complete electrical contracting services and industrial automation and controls. For almost 20 years now, RBT has demonstrated expert electrical services and Rob Timmerman, President of the company, felt that it was finally time to rebrand to have their advertising and marketing pieces reflect how technically advanced they really are. We couldn’t have agreed more.


Working with Rob and his team at RBT to rebrand an already hugely successful company was an absolute privilege. We were tasked with doing a full over-haul of their brand, from their vehicles, to their website, to their print marketing (view other materials). We developed a close relationship with the group in order to work out a fresh new brand, developing an iconic and versatile logo to complement their iconic green colour scheme. Throughout the course of the re-brand, we made it our goal to have each project reflect the team’s passion for, and more importantly, expertise in their field. We want to make it clear that if you are looking for electrical work to choose only RBT. For the design and execution of every RBT piece, the pleasure is all ours (View RBT).