Apr 7, 2017

Why Your Business Needs Video – Pt 1

Mobile phone with play button

As we evolve through time, our multimedia preferences are constantly changing along with the technology and methods within those preferences. Before the 1950’s, the number of televisions in North America could be measured in thousands. In the 1990’s, 98% of homes had at least one television. In the 2000’s and beyond, we have various devices delivering a staggering amount of video content to each individual. One thing we know for certain – people like watching moving images.


In the not too distant past, when we spoke of doing a video for your brand, we would be talking about a 30 second commercial on a network television station. For many companies, it was only a dream as it was an unreachable endeavour for any small to medium sized business because of the high expense involved.


Today, those moving images are still in the forefront of our multimedia palette, but the method for delivering the content and the message has changed. What we didn’t have before that has changed absolutely everything is social media – a world connected. It led the very foundation of advertising to explode. Now we have a completely new landscape of possibilities to carry our moving images, we can get them in front of more of the right people in an effective way – and affordably.


If you’re thinking, this is all great, but how can video help my business? It’s simple… changing times = new ways to make money. People are basing successful careers around their YouTube channel alone. That tells us how much potential awareness you can gain from a video. If a 15 year old YouTuber is out matching the income of a 45 year old factory worker solely with videos on the internet, your business can use this platform as a launch pad to reach new levels because there is an appetite for the content your business can generate. Look at the success and the size of the market you will find on YouTube, the lively culture, the diversity, it is in a very literal sense, our world connected. Look at how many views are on the videos you watch every day; I bet you’ll be amazed.


The next question you should be thinking is, how can my business tap into this amazing way of life and sharing information? At Design Thinking, we take pride in delivering our clients’ messages to the right audience using the right channels and getting results. Check out this successful series of videos we did for Dayside Windows and Doors. We’d love to detail for you how we can take your brand and make it stronger by entering the exciting world of video. Is video in your future? It should be.


Look for part 2 of this blog in the coming weeks and we’ll dig deeper into the various ways your business can use video to push your brand farther than ever before.