Nov 24, 2015

Why Businesses Rebrand

Do you need to rebrand?

Every business at some point or another asks themselves this question.

It might be that you’re just subtly shifting your messaging to better communicate your brand or it could be a significant change to your branding elements like your logo, website and signage.

Sometimes businesses refresh their brand simply because the current one is a bit stale or out-of-date. Often, it’s because of significant changes in external market factors or the products/services they offer to their customers.

Here are some of the circumstances where changes to your business or market can call for changes in how you brand and represent yourself.

Main Reasons to Undertake a Rebrand

Changes to Your Client Base or a Whole New Audience

When your audience changes, you (and your brand!) need to change with it.

A company that wants to appeal to a new audience needs to align its message, look and tactics to their new demographic. It could be that you want to appeal to a larger audience, or that your audience is no longer relevant and you need to refocus your strategy.

A good example of this is when Yellow Pages changed to YP. Realizing that the number of people using the printed phone books, what are those again, was dwindling, it focused on attracting and promoting its online directories and easy to use mobile apps.

Combating Negative Image

Rebranding may not require a new name or logo but simply a perception shift demanding customers, investors, and others to see the company in a new light.

Famously, one of the best examples of rebranding to combat a negative impression is McDonald’s. Faced with the image of promoting poor diets and contributing to obesity, McDonald’s rebranded to include healthier choices and a more inviting atmosphere. Their rebranded stores with free WiFi and healthier choices as well as focus on cafe inspired drinks invite you to stay and enjoy your experience.

Changes to Medium Delivery

Online businesses are often faced with the chore of refreshing their look to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the web.

Improving usability and ensuring responsiveness across all devices is not just for government and education websites anymore, it’s essential for delivering your message to the right people.

Competitive Influence 

Keeping up with the Jones’s takes on a whole new slant in business. It’s not just something you want to do, it’s something you have to do.

If your competitor is offering a fresh new look that’s easily transferable across all mediums and you’re stuck only advertising through print, you’re missing out in a big way. With social media, websites, Google Ads, you have to make sure that you’re maximizing your exposure while targeting your message to ensure the right people hear it at the right time.

Regardless of your reason for rebranding, and there are many more, realizing that it might be time to rebrand is just the first step in your process. Next, you need to determine the extent of the rebranding and how you’re going to get it done.

Perhaps it’s time to pick up the phone and see how The Design Thinking Agency can take you into the next era of your business.