Apr 26, 2018

What is the difference between traditional and digital marketing?

Traditional vs Digital marketing

The debate continues as to whether or not digital marketing is overpowering and surpassing traditional marketing. There are many who believe traditional marketing barely exists, if at all. So what is the big difference between the two strategies? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Our team of marketing experts is here to answer those questions for you.

Traditional Marketing

There are many facets of traditional marketing such as print ads in newspapers or magazines, posters, commercials on TV and radio, billboards and brochures. Basically, this term refers to any kind of marketing execution except digital means to brand your product or logo.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

1. Hard copies – the majority of traditional marketing pieces can actually be kept which allows your audience to keep hard copies that they can read or browse through over and over again.
2. Simple – since the majority of the population have already been exposed to traditional marketing strategies, they can easily understand and absorb the materials and messages.
3. Local audience reach – using a radio ad or sending direct mailers to specific neighbourhoods make it easy for your business to reach your local target audience.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

1. Little interaction – since traditional marketing is static, there’s no way for your brand to really interact with your audience.
2. Costly – both print and radio advertisements can cost big bucks and that doesn’t even include the price of hiring someone to distribute the materials.
3. Unmeasurable – the results of traditional marketing efforts cannot be easily measured, and in many cases, cannot be measured at all. It’s more like your putting information out there in front of people and hoping that they decide to take action.

Digital Marketing

On the other hand, digital marketing refers to things such as websites, social media pages, YouTube videos, banner ads, blogs, and much more. In simple terms, digital marketing is traditional marketing, but using digital devices. The world of digital marketing continues to evolve and as long as technology continues to advance, digital marketing will as well.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

1. Larger audience – with digital marketing you can reach not only your local target audience but your international target audience as well. You can even tailor a campaign towards a specific audience making it that much more effective.
2. High interaction – not only is interaction possible with digital marketing, it’s encouraged. You can actually create call-to-actions that lead your audience to your website, rate your services, call your business, etc.
3. Cost efficient – although there are some online ads that you can pay for, the overall cost of digital marketing is much cheaper compared to traditional marketing costs.
4. Measurable results – unlike traditional methods, you can see in real time what is or is not working for your business online and adapt very quickly to improve your results.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

1. Timely – with digital marketing campaigns, it can take some time before you see measurable success. It’s important to not give up and let the campaign run its full course.

Now that you know about the differences between the two strategies, which one should you use? Well, we would recommend using both, but finding the right balance between the two. It’s important to realize how digital this world is becoming and to really focus on what the goal of your campaign is before you choose which marketing route to take. Luckily, here at Design Thinking, we can help you create a strategic marketing plan that incorporates both approaches. Furthermore, we can create all of the materials and execute that strategy for you. Contact us today for all of your marketing needs.