Aug 10, 2015

Welcome to The Design Thinking Agency.

Over the years we’ve felt the continual shift in marketing from that of static print advertising and marketing to an increasing fluidity, not only in online materials but in every aspect of campaigns. Our clients were continually needing to get their message into the hands of more people faster at the right time. Websites must be more accessible than ever and everything needs to work together not just in design but in function. Seeing this, and how can you not, we realized it was time to take a look at our own branding and start portraying what we are consistently delivering for others.

A rewarding endeavour. We’ve considered the option to rebrand for a while, but we also knew, should the research show that a rebrand was the next logical step, that it would entail a massive amount of work, all while still delivering our best to our clients. Rebranding is essentially like launching a new business, only you already have a built up client base, who we’d just like to say we are so thankful for. Once we put it up for consideration, it started with our own brand audit to gain a clear understanding of what our current brand stands for, how it’s appreciated and how it’s perceived. This is the same start we practice with our clients because it’s where you need to start. If you don’t understand your current brand, how can you effectively consider a rebrand?

Enter Design Thinking: an idea, a concept and a name. It embodies not only who we are but what we deliver every day; creativity through insight. Design Thinking as a solution-based way of thinking has been around for years employed by great minds to produce superior results. And that’s what we want to deliver and embody. We painstakingly pored over Pantone books to find the perfect colour to represent our enthusiasm. We designed and redesigned, and then re-redesigned until we had exactly the right feel for our logo. When it came to our website we knew we wanted a site that not only showcased our work but also embodies what we encourage all of our clients to focus on, responsiveness, accessibility and just the right amount of modern flair. Even our office undertook a complete overhaul. We’re pretty happy with the result.

Strong roots. We started as The Graffic Link Design Studio in 1987. Just a small office delivering big results, and we’ve continued to build and change as the years went on. We’ve gone through multiple offices, a couple of websites and many wonderful staff who’ve graced our halls with their ideas and enthusiasm. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

We don’t fear change, we embrace it.