May 10, 2018

Should you use your whole character count on Twitter?

Should You Use Your Whole Character Count on Twitter?

Late last year, Twitter made a surprising decision to double the character limit from 140 characters to 280 characters and it seems like this new limit is here to stay. Before you rush off to compose a month’s worth of 280-character tweets, you should carefully consider the complications these long tweets can create for your brand.

To the point

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of having a 140-character limit is that it forced you to get to the point. A short and concise tweet can make such an impact since it causes each tweet to focus on one specific message rather than trying to communicate multiple things. You can always include a link to a blog post or a website if you have a longer message to convey.


Similar to keyword stuffing, you don’t want to go hashtag stuffing your tweets just because you have the extra character count to do so. Various studies have shown that tweets with one or two hashtags generate more engagement than those with three or more hashtags. Besides, tweets that suffer from hashtag overdose just look plain ugly. You know the ones we’re talking about. Avoid doing that at all costs!

Don’t get lost

As a business, one of your ultimate goals for posting across social channels is to drive traffic to your company’s website. If you include too much copy in your tweets, the all-important URL may get buried.

Brevity is best

Always remember, less is more. Short, simple and to the point tweets will allow your message to be seen by your target audience. Keep your content, including your hashtags, relevant to increase engagement. Don’t be afraid to use a visual such as a bold image or even a video to add a touch of personality. Another thing to remember, a picture can be worth a thousand words.

As exciting as the new doubled character limit may be on Twitter for personal accounts, don’t change your business’ social strategy too much because of it. If you need help getting started and managing your company’s Twitter account or any of your social media accounts, contact us, or even tweet at us today and we would be happy to help! #DTagency