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When Williams Treaties First Nations first approached us to hit the refresh button on their website, one of the main focuses was balance. With a long and detailed history full of traditions, Williams Treaties didn’t want to lose that aspect of their heritage in the new website, but still wanted a modern day look and feel. As a source of information for the community about the seven nations, the five treaties, and harvesting in the treaty areas, the site needed to be easy to navigate, easy to update and above all, representative of the First Nations community as a whole. To achieve this, we blended pieces from their past, including some of the original treaty documents, with pieces of their present, such as bright and colourful images of people participating in cultural activities. Together, these pieces represent where Williams Treaties’ future lies. Furthermore, we provided spaces to feature updates, including an events calendar, to ensure the site is an updated source of information. The Williams Treaties First Nations site is constantly evolving to ensure it continues to support the needs of their community while keeping their past history and traditions alive.

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