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We were lucky enough to team up with Vista Condos on Charlton as they embarked on their 150 unit condominium development. With such a beautiful location on the Niagara Escarpment surrounded by forestry and moments away from Downtown Hamilton, we needed to create a brand with imagery that would have potential buyers already packing their bags. We knew that if done right, Vista would sell all of their suites in no time.


The first step was to design the perfect brand that included a rendering created with the right colours, at the right height, and from the right angle as this image would be the centre point of all print materials including large billboard signs on the construction site. Once allured by the rendering, potentials buyers would receive our meticulously crafted brochure full of bright imagery, location and feature details, and floors plans to unearth feelings of aspiration. Topped off with a professional portfolio folder and pricing sheets, Vista Condos on Charlton has become the envy of the town.   Click here to view the live site.