Urban Vanity

Brand Development
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With over 13 years of experience as a licensed hair stylist, Lori was ready to create a fresh take on a hair salon that introduced customers to what it truly means to be pampered and so she started Urban Vanity Hair Salon & Beauty Bar. Lori’s expertise and effortless skill behind the chair stood out, but since she was new to Brantford in the industry, we were challenged to create a brand that would draw in a customer base starting from scratch. Urban Vanity needed a brand that reflected what the salon of her dreams looked like— chic with a modern twist, while still showcasing the professionalism every client experiences. We were tasked to create a brand as fabulous as the owner to grab the attention of their target market while standing out from their competition.


Starting with the selection of a gold, dusty rose and white colour scheme to create a fresh lush feeling, we then experimented with over 40 different font treatments before finding the perfect style that radiated a chic yet professional tone. With the logo developed, we then put together multiple slogans that encapsulated the indulgent experience Urban Vanity has to offer including “Indulge in serenity”, “Discover the allure of an enchanting salon”, and “Timeless beauty. Timeless charm.” to be used across various marketing materials. Finally, we put together a brand package consisting of business cards, billboard designs, pricing menus, building signage and of course, a website (View other materials). With the salon officially open and appointments starting to fill up, we have successfully created an elegant and chic brand that takes Urban Vanity to the next level within the beauty industry.