Trust Robin

Brand Development
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Founded by clinician Robin Mossing, who has over two decades of experience as a wound care expert, Trust Robin Inc. aims for all medical professionals to have the same access to reliable wound care resources and give the public reliable medical advice from outside of the hospital. To achieve this, we needed to create a brand that captured Robin’s passion while being relatable and memorable to his specific audiences. His name, logo, and taglines would need to be unique yet flexible enough to be useable over the various products and projects of the company.

To create an identity that truly represents Robin’s expertise and experience, we created a logo that uses a shield with a medical cross so it could be easily identified and related to the medical field. We wanted it to portray strength and intellect, but with a softened touch by using a combination of blues. The slogans needed to reflect the quality of information customers receive through Trust Robin’s products while also  appealing to their respective audiences. When targeting medical professionals, we developed the slogan “Master Every Wound”, which is friendly yet challenges them to be the best clinician they can be. For targeting the everyday consumer, we use the slogan “Your Wound Care Expert”, in order to position Trust Robin and Robin as a reliable source of medical information.

As a multifaceted company, our job is to ensure that the Trust Robin brand is represented accurately through all products and marketing initiatives. These endeavours include the Trust Robin Wound Care App (view other materials), the Trust Robin Pharmacy Kiosk (view other materials), the Trust Robin Wound Assist Kit, the company’s website (view other materials), and their social media pages (view other materials).