The Lofts

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With The Lofts condo development, we were presented with a unique opportunity: To develop a brand and corresponding sales materials that can successfully generate interest and sell a beautifully modern and luxurious living space; that is currently an old abandoned factory that has been collecting dirt for ages. Which, of course we were up to the challenge.


The first thing we did was develop a rendering based on building specs to help potential buyers envision an up and coming neighbourhood of in the city with premium living at the epicentre. We developed an elegant, simple brand, the look and feel based on our insight of potential buyers and target market to draw appeal. Building signage as well as a new front face of the building, an actual model home along with and an art gallery style sales centre filled with renderings of the inside development was designed not only to alert passers by, but to downplay its current off-putting factory look. The sales package and marketing materials offered an attractive and unique view into what buyers can expect from the living space, neighbourhood, city adventures and surrounding river trails. We believed The Lofts had all the elements needed to be a success if we just pulled it together and presented it with our penchant for strategy, design and execution.  Click here to view the live site.