The Lofts

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The Lofts in Brantford was a great development opportunity for us to stretch our talents in strategy and design (View other materials). The goal was to not reveal too much and bring potential buyers to the opening. A rendering of the building was developed to help accurately show what the finished site will look like and served as our main visual.(View other materials) This splash page was designed and built not only to spark potential interest in the development, but to facilitate information for us to develop further ideas and communications. We offered VIP access with an easy sign up form and in turn, granting early access to images and information of the development before going out to the public. We learned who was looking at the site, what their interests were in a buying opportunity, where they are come from and much more. With this information, we were able to target the brand and communications moving forward with more accuracy to specific potential buyers. See the live site here.