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Cory, President of Synergy Mouldworks Inc., knows that he has one of the best moulding teams in the province but realized he needed a website that showcased his team and how they are the heart of the business. Our job was to design a website that reflected the ‘Synergy’ brand – a company that was founded by people with the shared vision that their team synergy is their greatest asset.

After getting to know how Synergy Mouldworks operates behind the scenes, we discovered how important photography and content would be in successfully illustrating this team and their hard work to the public. Using various team shots and incorporating phrases such as “Discover the power of a great team” and “The people are the company”, we created a website that reflects their name and aligns with their philosophy that a cohesive team working closely together is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Additionally, we needed to consider the functionality of the website, which is why we built a full backend portal allowing the employees to engage with their clients, including the ability to  share files with them.  

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