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After the revamp of Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation’s website (view other materials), we were sent on a mission to revitalize their Tourism website as well, always keeping in mind the main focus of unity. As a source of information for visitors, as well as for those who live within the community, about fun and exciting events and activities taking place within the area to attract tourists, the site needed to not only be aesthetically appealing, but also easy to navigate. With so many attractions to showcase, it was important to categorize each of them to create an effortless user experience. Blending cultural elements with bright, eye-catching images and colours, we successfully created a website that educates visitors about the fun things to do within Six Nations. Using the footer that has been included on every SNGRDC website, we have kept that sense of unity while still providing a unique, individual experience for Six Nations Tourism.

View the live website here.