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There’s nothing quite as thrilling as yelling BINGO! We wanted to capture the excitement and thrill of that moment while still creating a website that was informative. One of the challenges of this project was in dissecting and understanding the game itself so that we provided enough information for new comers without over informing regular players. Through discussions with staff, surveys to players, as well as a field trip to play ourselves, we developed a site that is easy to navigate, informative and fun. When we started this project, we knew that first and foremost, the site needed quick access to daily jackpot information. For this, we built a custom sidebar with an easy to update system that allowed staff members to plug in the stats. Bingo newcomers can peruse the how to play sections to get a feel for the game, while seasoned members can check daily jackpots or upcoming events.
See the live site here. See the live site here.