Brand Development
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When the owner of Revive Outdoor Living, Craig, came to us, he came with a vision. Craig is a family man, and always treasures the time he spends with his family, especially enjoying the Canadian summers and maximizing the use of his backyard space. He wanted to share that passion, and wanted to create a company that would bring people’s backyards to life by supplying everything from awnings to backyard fire pits. Although he was starting off with supplying and installing awnings and zip shades, we knew we had to design a big brand to match his big dreams for this company’s growth.
We decided to create a lifestyle brand the would cover all outdoor products our client wished to carry in the future, so the brand design could grow with him as his company grew. We knew we wanted to incorporate green in some capacity, initially coming up with two concepts for the Revive brand. The first used green within the leaves of the logo, indicating the outdoors while being eco-friendly. The second was much more modern, with clean lines, lots of spacing, and splashes of green.

In the end, we felt the second, more modern logo could truly grow with the Revive brand through the years and matched the client’s vision for the future of the company. After selecting a direction, our creative team also wanted to convey one of the core services through the logo, which is why the “E’s” appear as awnings stripes. We enclosed the logo in a box to anchor it and give it scalability to whatever material it was used on, from folders, to business cards, and in the future, trucks. Finally, we finished off the brand by making the original green more vibrant to bring the whole thing to life. In the end we created a fresh, modern, and clean brand for Revive that can grow with the company and stand the test of time.