Nova Vita

Brand Development
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As a not-for-profit organization, Nova Vita provides holistic client-centred residential and counselling services to women and children escaping violence and homelessness. Having gone through rebrands in the past, Nova Vita was ready for a new brand to take shape in the form of something completely different than anything they had done in the past. They were ready to create a new brand that would make it acceptable to talk about domestic violence and homelessness in public without it being ashamed and showcase how much healing their organization truly provides. We were ready to take on that challenge with them.


“Nova Vita” stands for “New Life” which we wanted to emphasize in their rebrand by incorporating flowers to signify the idea of growth and positivity. We had to be cautious when it came to selecting the colour scheme and visuals used in the logo so as not to create anything that could be misinterpreted by their audience. We wanted to create a safe and open image that would make those who view the logo more comfortable reaching out to Nova Vita.

After creating about a dozen various logo options, we finally decided on the one that we believe represents Nova Vita and encompasses what they stand for perfectly. Wanting to be seen as more than just a shelter, Nova Vita’s new branding radiates positivity through all of their marketing materials including their business cards, annual reports, folders, donation cards, event posters, and of course, their new and improved website (view other materials).