Nadene Aasla

Real Estate, Website / Apps
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After creating such a personable brand (view other materials) for Nadene Aasla, we were entrusted to design and develop a website that would reflect this brand and compliment Nadene’s already credible reputation. Placing the right images of Nadene in strategic spots throughout the website was key to maintaining an approachable and trustworthy brand. With information about Nadene’s work experience and testimonials planted in various sections throughout the website, we highlight her knowledge of the Brant community and build on her reputation as a local expert driving results. To show just how helpful Nadene is when it comes to your buying or selling experience, we incorporated various resources such as a search function for buyers to specify what kind of home they are looking for, a home calculator feature that helps potential clients determine loan amounts, mortgage qualification and affordability, and more.

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