Mattress Miracle

Brand Development
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For years, Mattress Miracle has been the local affordable alternative to the large national mattress chains. Their brand has served them well, but it was time to revitalize the design, giving them fresh appeal, further separating them from the competition and doubling down on their fun approach to getting a miracle sleep.


We believed that the heritage of the brand still had value and many people locally had too strong of a familiarity to the cartoon character featured in the logo and store signage. We worked to conceptualize a more modern and even more memorable version of the charachter that represents all the aspects of what the brand is about. We ended up with “Sleepy”, who looks like he just layed down to the most comfortable mattress and pillow he’s tried in years – which is what customers of Mattress Miracle have always been saying, only now it’s brought to life visually in their brand.

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