Brand Development, Commercial
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With a strong passion for creating a healthier environment by removing CO2 emissions from the Earth’s atmosphere, Dave created Lignition, a company with products that are not only good for the environment, but also allows farmers to grow their crops at an incredible rate. We were tasked to create the marketing materials that Dave would need to sell this product to his target market. The greatest challenge would be presenting the complex nature of his products in a clear and understandable manner, making it a marketable product that farmers would want to buy.


When creating the marketing materials for Lignition, including brochures, data sheets, a product demonstration video, a powerpoint, presentation folders, email campaigns, and a website (view other materials), we had to make the complicated information as digestible as possible while still highlighting Dave’s point of how the continued release of greenhouse gases at our current rate, without any removal, will affect our crops and climate. In order to achieve this we made the materials appealing to the farmer by showcasing how they can grow bigger yields with a fairly inexpensive, yet tremendously efficient product.