Social Media
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With over 70 years of experience, it was important to create a social media strategy for KeepRite Refrigeration that holds true to their already established brand and stays aligned with their website (view other materials). As a business to business company selling refrigeration products, we were challenged to utilize their social media channels in a different way compared to the business to consumer accounts we manage. With more of a focus put towards generating brand awareness while highlighting the people of the company, we also use Facebook and Twitter to promote new product and technology releases and advertise upcoming trade shows they will be attending. Using LinkedIn as an outlet to really connect their primary audience to their products, we create and send messages to KeepRite Refrigeration’s target market through InMail. As a large and dependable employer within the Brantford community, social media allows KeepRite Refrigeration to showcase their employee’s hard work to the public. Through social channels, businesses can see how KeepRite Refrigeration has refined refrigeration through constant innovation.