J.H. Young

Social Media
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As one of Brantford’s leading jewellery providers with decades of experience, J.H. Young’s social media presence is not only to portray their own brand as a local, friendly and family run business, but also to showcase the many other jewellery brands they offer. With a relatively specified target audience, we strategically construct campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create interaction between J.H. Young and their customers. What is unique about managing J.H. Young’s social media is the goal is to drive customers to their physical store location. By creating posts across their social media channels, such as store promotions and testimonials, that encourage engagement such as comments and page likes, we are able to successfully drive those customers to J.H. Young’s location and their company website.

Through strategic campaigns, such as contests, boosted posts and targeted ads, we have successfully reached J.H. Young’s target audience and continue to make a lasting impression, both online and offline (view other materials here).