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Over many years, we have worked with JH Young to build their brand. Superior customer service is one of the main focuses of the company that makes them one of the top jewellery stores within the area. Employee recognition done right can spark enthusiasm, inspire innovation and unite an organization. J.H. Young fully understands the power of making memories and recognizing others. They wanted to give other corporations the opportunity to appreciate their employees in a more personal way than a simple “thank you.”


While maintaining a brand identity consistent with other materials we have produced for J.H. Young (view other materials), we created a highly intuitive web-based corporate recognition system that eliminates all hassles associated with organizing names and dates, as well as trying to find the right gift for that deserving employee. With this system in place that features simple navigation, J.H. Young is now able to take care of all of the details including contacting the recognized employee on behalf of the corporation, providing that employee access to the corporation’s customized site and shipping their gift with a personalized thank you note. Employees can choose from a wide range of jewellery, electronics and art prints from world-class brands including Swiss Army, Bulova and Waterford Crystal. Today, JH Young continues to influence the jewellery industry with 115 years of impeccable quality, integrity and customer service.