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JH Young has been a successful Jewellery store since 1900, offering expert knowledge and advice to help you find exactly what you’re looking for to celebrate your life’s special moments. Over many years, we have worked with JH Young to build their brand. With new trends coming and going and new ways of looking at old traditions, JH Young understands that they can’t rest just on their foundation, but need to stay fresh and appealing to new consumers young and old. It’s important to JH Young that since they offer the depth of experience combined with highly demanded exclusive product lines that they are top of mind for anybody considering jewellery in the area.


While there are many campaigns and brand elements we have created, a few things remain consistent. JH Young is Brantford’s Premier Jeweller with the experience and quality unmatched by any other – and that will always come through in our advertising. Through a solid Brand Strategy, we create bold but elegant creative for all of their materials that can translate across multiple mediums and become instantly recognizable and memorable. In one campaign that is still running, we developed the message: “Will you marry me ______?”. At the end of the question, we added a different name to each application. In a very short time, we realized it was starting to resonate with the public as we implemented a complete campaign across the city when people on social media started asking for their name or their girlfriends name to be on the pieces, especially on the JH Young Bus advertising. Cut through the clutter and deliver solid creative on brand – and drive it home.

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