Indoor Golf Clubs

Brand Development
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Mark, owner and founder of Indoor Golf Clubs, came to us during the Brantford club’s second season and in the middle of construction of their Kitchener location. He knew he had met his goal of offering his customer the most precise and immersive virtual golf experience available, but also knew that his website didn’t reflect such efforts. He came to discuss how we can help design a new site for him (View other materials), and by the end of the meeting, we could all agree that there was more work to be done. This is where Indoor Golf Clubs teed off for a complete rebrand!


With industry leading golf simulator technology and an expansive collection of virtual courses, our mission was to create a refreshed brand that mirrors Indoor Golf Clubs’ commitment to their customer. Since each club also has a stylishly decorated and spacious Sports Lounge, we aimed to create a brand with a logo that is tasteful and enticing for both golfers and bar patrons alike while staying far away from those silly cartoon characters we all know golfers love! To complete the total package, the next steps were taking their fresh brand and developing a website, signage, brochures, business cards, gift cards, and building a following on their social media. We may have nailed their new brand, but don’t ask us how to swing a golf club! Click here to view the live site.