Hamilton Cab

Social Media
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In order to showcase Hamilton Cab’s newly refreshed brand (View other materials here) we needed to create standout social media channels that express the company’s Hamiltonian pride while not only keeping up with, but surpassing their competitors. We chose to set up Facebook , Twitter and Instagram accounts as a way to easily engage with their customers and other local businesses, while still promoting their services.

As we continue to constantly monitor comments and reply to customer’s messages, whether they are questions, concerns or just general comments, we have positioned Hamilton Cab as a company that genuinely cares about their customers and the relationships they hold within the community. Furthermore, through strategically targeted ads and boosted posts we have successfully reached Hamilton Cab’s target audience and increased the company’s amount of social engagement.

Another essential ingredient to Hamilton Cab’s business is their support for local businesses and being involved in the community. By liking and sharing posts from local businesses, in addition to running contests where the prizes include gift cards to those local businesses, we have created a unified and connected brand that Hamiltonians can be proud of.