Frontier Decking

Brand Development
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Frontier Fencing and Decks has been building and installing high quality decks and fences for over a decade. The owners of the family business, father and son John and Jonathan, have always understood that the landscape of a home isn’t just about how it looks, but rather how it makes the family feel. After shifting the focus of their business towards the deck services they offer, John and Jonathan knew they had to make some bold moves in order to stay current with other deck companies while still attracting their target market. In order for their brand to become recognizable across Brant and Norfolk counties and stand out from their competitors, they needed a new logo, as well as a name change, to establish a connection between the company and the services they offer.

Starting by changing the name to just Frontier and dropping the ‘FF’ logo, we opened the door for the company to not only promote their fencing services, but also their decking services. When creating the logo, we included ‘Decks’ and ‘Fences’ under the company name to make it obvious the category of services they have to offer and what field they are true experts in. Keeping some consistency with their old brand, we incorporated the orange colour across all materials created, including their website (see other materials), so that the company name and logo will stand out above their competitors. To push the new look and feel out in the community, we designed business cards, lawn signs, decals for all of their company vehicles, estimate sheets, and even clothing pieces including safety shirts, polo shirts and hats. By creating a modern and updated brand portrayed consistently across various materials, Frontier is your go to company and family for designing and building high quality decks and fences.