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With a tight timeline before one of their biggest trade shows of the year, Fibracast needed a cutting edge display booth design to highlight their newest technology, FibrePlate2. As the future of MBR and tertiary applications, this booth needed to unveil why FibrePlate2 is the membrane of the future in the most simplistic terms possible while also providing a background of the company.


With a strict timeline we first needed to storyboard what would go on each of the 15 panels that were a part of the 20 foot by 20 foot display booth. Once that was determined we got to work on finding the images that would properly reflect Fibracast while crafting copy that would allow visitors to quickly grasp what FibrePlate2 is and how it is the membrane of the future. To achieve this we created a “Top 5 FibrePlate2 Advantages” panel and strategically placed it along the outside of the booth where the most traffic was predicted to be. For those who were drawn to the booth, we incorporated a video to play on repeat behind the membrane display so that they could learn more about the technology. Following the trade show we designed and developed a website (view other materials) for visitors to learn even more and to keep consistency with the new tone that we had created for the booth.