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As part of the overall brand strategy (View other materials), we continued to showcase Dayside as the leading windows and doors manufacturing and installation company that not only delivers you outstanding quality products, but also an attentive customer living experience. After performing a Brand Audit, we were able to truly understand what matters to their customers and devise a social media strategy. The main purpose of creating these channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, is so that past, current and future customers can see both the professional and the fun personality the brand carries. By answering customer questions, interacting with happy customers and managing dissatisfied ones, we have successfully increased the company’s amount of social engagement across their channels, as well as, the traffic driven to their website.

In addition, through strategically targeted ads and boosted posts, we have been able to expand Dayside’s audience reach into the Vaughan area and advertise to a different demographic, growing the company’s target market. While still positioning Dayside as the leading expert within the area for windows and doors manufacturing and installation, our social media strategy and management has allowed homeowners to interact with the company by participating in contests, learning about upcoming and current promotions, and watching a series of videos. Through social channels, customers can begin to experience the ‘Dayside Difference.