Chris Jagt Realty

Brand Development, Real Estate
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After becoming a Chase Realty partner, Chris Jagt knew it was time to upgrade his brand and create a new look for himself. With so many real estate agents out there that have very similar marketing styles, we were entrusted to create a brand that was not only unique to the market, but a brand that truly represented Chris’ personality and his overarching goal for his clients – to educate them. We knew this was a rare opportunity for us to try something new and create a brand that makes you feel like you already know Chris before you’ve even met him.


Since Chris had just become a partner of Chase Realty, it only made sense to incorporate the turquoise colour into the new look we were building. Paired with a silver tone, the two colours combined create a sleek and expressive pop that immediately draws the eye. The real key to this new brand though was Chris himself. By going against the standards and incorporating Chris right into the logo, people will already feel an attachment to him before they even meet him. Finally, the slogan needed to showcase to prospective clients that Chris isn’t just going to be your real estate agent, he is going to be your educator on the subject and make sure that you know everything you need to know before making any decisions. This led us to think of ‘The real estate agent who knows things’. Along with the creation of business cards, ‘For Sale’ and ‘Open House’ signs, folders, feature sheets, and of course, a website (view other materials), we have successfully created a brand that perfectly encompasses the truly unique real estate agent that Chris is.