Chris Jagt Realty

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After developing the Chris Jagt Realty brand (view other materials), we needed to construct a website that was just as unique, if not more than the standout brand we had created. Since Chris is so passionate about helping and educating others when it comes to real estate, we wanted to try something different by incorporating over a dozen videos into the site, starting with the introductory video on the homepage, allowing visitors to quickly get a grasp on who Chris is and what it would be like to work with him. With clearly laid out sections for each kind of buyer, seller or renter in the market, it is easy for a visitor to learn more about the real estate industry that they are specifically interested in. Along with various calls to action strategically placed throughout the site, we have not only created a website that appeals to Chris Jagt Realty’s target audience, but also captures Chris’ one-of-a-kind personality, bringing the real estate industry’s marketing game to a whole new level.

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