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Customers of Carrier Centres know that they are serious about quality trucks and that they hold their customer service in the highest regard. With the ever-growing company needing to refresh their brand and showcase their new divisions, our job was to deliver their message with more power and endurance.

After getting to know how Carrier operates behind the scenes, we discovered that’s exactly what their customers need to see. We brought in a photographer to help visually tell the story of the important moments that happen on a daily basis across their many locations and departments. A powerful website with a modern feeling design came together through the value of being able to ‘show’ accompanied by descriptive writing. The importance of keeping it simple while organizing 10 divisions for many different types of customers is illustrated in the ease of navigation. The website also features a comprehensive careers section which enables Carrier to find the right people for the job and get more in depth about their culture. Click here to view website.