Brant Community Healthcare System

Commercial, Special Projects
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As BCHS continues to move in a new direction, they are constantly looking for qualified candidates to fill internal positions. With many hospitals in the surrounding areas, it can be increasingly difficult to find high-quality staff, especially Registered Nurses. BCHS needed a recruitment campaign with the goal of increasing awareness of job opportunities at BCHS as well as increasing the number of qualified applicants for open positions while keeping in line with their slogan “Starting a new chapter, be part of our story.”


We started by brainstorming five different campaign concepts and presenting them to BCHS’ HR department before finalizing what would become the “This is where…” campaign. Still keeping in line with the idea of stories, this campaign was designed to appeal to the logical side of applicants and easily catered towards each target audience consisting of recent graduates, locals, and established employees. With 8 different endings to the statements including “This is where your education pays off.” and “This is where your opinions are valued.”, we were able to tell numerous stories, each including a benefit or reason to work at BCHS.

In order to execute the campaign we needed to create strong visual components that included real BCHS employees and their stories of working for the organization. From pull up banners and postcards for trade show purposes to social media graphics and posters for internal campaign awareness, we successfully showcased what differentiates BCHS from their competitors from an employee’s point of view.