Brant Community Healthcare System

Special Projects, Website / Apps
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With the campaign brand development complete (view other materials here), BCHS needed to create an outlet where the public and employees could voice their opinions on important matters such as social accountability and technology and innovation to properly involve community members in their strategic planning. So, we designed and developed a microsite that could do just that. The “Share Your Voice” section of the microsite integrates an easy-to-use survey that allows anyone and everyone to express their concerns and share their thoughts on BCHS’ future.

To take the microsite one step further, we went to BCHS and shot a video of the board’s President and CEO detailing what the strategic plan is and how people can get involved. With strategically placed callouts throughout the site driving people to take the survey while also providing the public with the information necessary to know more about the campaign, we have successfully created an online portal for the hospital and the public to come together and create a better future for our community.

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