Brant Community Healthcare System

Brand Development, Special Projects
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With a new board of directors in place and a new vision for Brantford General Hospital and The Willett, BCHS wanted to launch a strategic plan process to develop a five year plan (2020-2025) that would incorporate the voices of all community members including patients, families, employees, physicians, volunteers and community partners through an online survey. In order to develop this five year plan, BCHS needed a campaign brand to bring their vision to life.


We started by brainstorming multiple campaign concepts and presenting them to BCHS before finalizing what would become the “Our Voice. Our Vision.” campaign paired with the #OurBCHS. We paired the slogan with the “Community Circle” symbol that we created to represent the connection that everyone takes part in to shape our community. Each “individual” that makes up the circle represents a member of the community’s voice and vision coming together to create one unified voice and vision for BCHS. Tying in with BCHS’ current colour scheme, we use different tones of purple, blue, yellow and green that are positive and vivid, reflecting BCHS’ bright future ahead.

With the overall branding complete for the campaign, it was now time to execute the campaign by creating a strong microsite (view other materials here) and kiosk so that community members could learn more about the strategic plan and have an outlet to take the survey and share their voice.