Blackrock Realty

Brand Development, Real Estate
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After deciding to leave his old real estate brokerage and start his own, Alex Grinton, founder of Blackrock Realty, needed a new brand to support his new endeavour. With the real estate market full of high quality brokerages and agents within the Brant area, we were challenged to create a brand so unique that it would firmly stand out above this competition. While many of Alex’s competitors followed similar formats and brand layouts, we decided this was an opportunity to really think outside of the box and create a brand that you can’t help but notice.


Starting with the creation of the name and the logo, we decided to incorporate the colour green right off the bat. It’s a colour that is unusual, rarely seen within the real estate industry and differentiates Blackrock Realty from their competition right away. The slogan needed to appeal to both buyers and sellers, as well as prospective agents, which is how we came up with ‘Live where you love.’ This slogan not only attracts this audience to Blackrock Realty, but also to Brant County and surrounding areas. Along with the creation of business cards, building signage, ’For Sale’ and ‘Sold’ signs, envelopes, and of course, a website (view other materials), we feel we have successfully created a brand that represents the new age of the real estate brokerage.