Special Projects
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Apotex is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the country, and they have a long list of Intellectual Patents that are at the core of their business success. Our job was to showcase these in a space that was predetermined. We were to work with the existing architecture and develop a unique way to display these Patents.


After talking with the architectural firm that designed the wall, we decided that we wanted to keep it as ‘untouched’ as possible and use it in our design. To do this, we would ‘float’ our display in front of the Beachwood finished wall in the entrance corridor. We created an elegant design with 10 – 3’ x 6’ glass panels, stainless steel plates that feature each patent and are all connected in the design of a molecule that was perforated into the glass. In the middle is a custom milled aluminum centre piece. While our display ‘covered’ 180 square feet of the existing wall, there was a minimal 41 minor touch points where our display was attached to the wall – and only on the seams of the wood panels. Our goal to integrate the surroundings into our design was successfully achieved.

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