May 7, 2021

The Next Generation of Online Shopping 2021

Online shopping 2021. Facebook and Instagram shop

Open your online shoppable storefronts: Facebook and Instagram Shops

A feature to set up your very own shoppable storefronts on social media  

Through these online shops, you can break the barriers and reach out to billions of people and start selling virtually.   

Are you wondering what exactly is a “Facebook Shop” and “Instagram Shop” and why you should set them up for your business?   

Ready to find out.  


What is Facebook and Instagram Shop?

A Facebook and Instagram Shop is an online storefront with a set of online shopping features that will let your customers shop the products featured in your social media photos and videos from anywhere on the Instagram and Facebook App.   

Let’s dive more into various shopping features that are offered for your storefront in the Digital Instagram Mall. 

Instagram Shopping Features:

Shops: A feature you can add to your Instagram profile, to display the products you want to sell on your very own customizable storefront, allowing people to shop directly from your Instagram profile.  

Shopping Tags: It will allow you to highlight products from your shopping catalogue in stories and in-feed, so people can tap to shop instantly. It will allow businesses to customize their shop with an editorial point of view by curating products into themes. 

Shop in Explore: The explore section is a dedicated spot on Instagram where people with a discovery mindset look to shop. Your brand and its products will be featured in this section once you set up your storefront.   

Collections: This feature will allow you to add some glamour to your shop. It will allow you to curate products into themes.   

Products Detail Page (PDP)This page tags along with your shop and is a product-focused page. It showcases all the relevant information on a product. PDPs will also pull out all the media from Instagram where the product is tagged.   

Shopping Ads: It’s a feature that will scale up the reach of the products you want to sell to more of the targeted customers. It’s a way to turn taps into purchases.  

The Instagram Shop will make it seamless for people to fall in love with your products and quickly make them their own.     

According to Facebook statistics, over 70% of people discover products on social media, and if they like something a frictionless shopping experience will make them buy the products immediately.  

Here is why your business should consider opening a Facebook and Instagram Shop:  

  • Make the products you want to sell easily discoverable.  
  • Turn the inspiring visual products into instant purchases.  
  • Reduce friction in the shopping experience for your customers.  
  • Have a shoppable Instagram account.  
  • Increase engagement & sales.  
  • Build a brand  

Here are some extra tips to increase your social presence.

Are you interested in learning more or want to set up your Instagram and Facebook shop page?  


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