Dec 22, 2016

Why you need great photography

Various clients

Is your brand resonating with your audience? Our Art Designer gives insight into how to grip and hold your viewers.

“In today’s world, human eyes have adapted to rapidly scanning content until they find something intriguing and pleasing. This means your brand message has a staggering chance of being missed or ignored all together – even when it is something that might interest a particular viewer who just passed it by. There are several ways to combat this; a great photo is one of them and can stop wandering eyes dead in their tracks to take in and absorb a message. But a great photo is only part of the equation, it needs to make a meaningful connection with the viewer. There are good stock photos, and everyone has a smart phone with a camera capable of doing portraits or product shots. The difference is a good professional photographer knows how to capture a subject, make it meaningful and work hard to tell the story of your brand. The photos on your website alone tell an important visual story of your brand, even if the viewer didn’t read a word, they took away a distinct impression as to whether they are open to seeing more from your brand in the future. We’re constantly encouraging our clients to consider setting aside a reasonable budget to let us work with a photographer to strengthen the complete vision and bring attention to your brand. For some, this happens subconsciously. Take a look around, think about why the photography you see everyday appealed to you or didn’t. Did it make you react, or did it simply get lost in the shuffle. We think about this every day.”