Jan 30, 2019

Marketing Your Brand on Social Media

Marketing Your Brand on Social Media

In today’s technology-driven world, there isn’t a single brand that should not be utilizing social media to market their business. The opportunity to interact daily with your target audience should not, and cannot, be passed up. However, many businesses throw together a profile carelessly and don’t put in the time and strategy into prioritizing its importance and success. Putting careful thought and consideration into your social presence and then taking it even further with paid campaigns can strongly help to generate more leads for your business.


Our social media experts here at Design Thinking have put together the below simple steps that you can take to effectively market your business on social media:


1. Create a strong profile

First thing’s first – you need to create a profile that represents your brand in a way that is professional and engaging across all social platforms. This all starts with creating a username/handle. When choosing your handle, shorter is always better and consistency across your channels is key.

Next, you need to ensure your profile provides the necessary information needed to drive prospective customers to your website. Be sure to include a summary of your business, contact information and anything else that could help your followers take the action you’re hoping for.


2. Create a content calendar

We’ve said it once and we will say it again, content is king! It’s important to keep a steady cadence of content flowing from your channels. Create a calendar and populate it with a blend of content including promotions, company announcements, blog posts and even motivational posts that your followers may enjoy. It’s important that you determine the best posting rhythm for your brand and stick to it. Do some testing to figure out what works best for you and check your analytics to confirm you’re posting during periods when your audience is active.


3. Actually be social

Crazy to think but you actually to be social on social media and start engaging with others to see results, especially when you first create a profile. At the end of the day, social media is meant to be just that – social. Monitor and respond to mentions and comments in a timely manner and mention others in your posts as well. This is your chance to have direct interactions with your audience, so don’t let them down.


4. Utilize paid campaigns

It is becoming harder than ever to grow a legitimate following organically on social platforms. While posting regularly and engaging with your audience is an ideal start, it’s also best to give yourself a boost with a paid follower or “Likes” campaign. It’s a worthwhile investment to grow your audience given the time and effort you’ll be putting into your ongoing social strategy. A little budget can go a long way with a paid campaign.


5. Bring in the leads

So you have built a strong profile, with a robust content calendar and you have a large and engaged audience. Now it’s time to start using social media to boost ROI by bringing in the leads! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are all great channels to run lead generation campaigns. Each platform has its own ads manager tools to help you create compelling campaigns that target the exact buyer persona you’re after. All you need is some eye-catching imagery, attention-grabbing and informative ad copy and an appropriate budget and you’re all set! Did we mention that we can help you with creating all of those things?


Social media advertising can be a very cost-effective strategy for increasing leads from marketing efforts, but it’s just as important to simultaneously maintain your accounts organically to ensure your brand comes across as authentic and engaging. It’s time to stop dropping the ball when it comes to your brand’s social media game and start seeing results. Contact us today to take your digital marketing to the next level!