May 11, 2017

Look for Blackwater Landscaping and Construction door hangers in the Brantford area!

Blackwater Landscaping & Construction Door Hanger

Joey, founder of Blackwater Landscaping and Construction, came to Design Thinking with the challenge of selectively targeting his audience geographically and then to those residential areas who would need his landscaping and construction services. To accomplish this, it was time to stray from the traditional newspapers and Google Adwords marketing.


To grab the attention of residents at their homes, Design Thinking set out to create a dynamic door hanger that would stop viewers at their front step. With beautiful images of unique and innovative landscaping designs and colourful gardens, the door hanger invites viewers to bring to life their dreams of a personal outdoor oasis.


The Website
To accompany the door hanger, the initial point of contact, Design Thinking also created an engaging website to further allure customers to their visions of the perfect yard. With easy navigation and detailed descriptions of Blackwater’s services, customers can easily find what Blackwater has to offer. (Click here to view their website)


Keep an eye out for Blackwater Landscaping and Construction’s door hangers in your neighbourhood!