Mar 13, 2018

Logo design trends for 2018

Logo Design Trends

Your company’s logo is one of the most important pieces of your brand that makes you memorable and cut through all of the noise. This crucial visual mark pops up in all kinds of places from your social media pages to your website to your business cards. When our talented design team creates or refreshes a logo we ensure that it’s on point, on trend and aligned with your brand and its values. While cropped letters, ombre colours and negative space were the winning trends in 2017, this year we are geared up for a whole new set of creative, fun and wild logo trends. Let’s dive in!


1. Typography

Why are some logos that are purely text based so effective? Because they are simple, straightforward and carry the name of the brand. But don’t confuse simple with boring because 2018 is the year for creative and imaginative typography. Irregularity is the key for achieving this trend. Different forms of typography include split, chaotic and handwritten effects. Split typography is when you see breaks between the letters resulting in unique designs that allow thousands of variations to explore. Chaotic typography are letters organized in a non-liner formation creating an effect of organized chaos which is perfect for those casual and playful brands. Hand drawn logos offer a quirky and authentic feel that typed letters are restricted by. This effect offers a true representation of your brand’s personality.


2. Bright colours

In today’s digitally driven world, the majority of the content we consume is displayed on a screen which opens up the opportunity to use and display colours in high quality. The colour variations for logo design are literally endless and allows our creativity to run free. It’s important that the colours chosen are still aligned with your brand and the message you want your target audience to receive.


3. Geometric shapes

There are some trends from 2017 that can and should still be used this year and that includes the simplicity of geometric lines and shapes that allow for endless creation. The beauty of these seemingly basic lines and shapes is when they are combined, layered and designed correctly, they can produce a clean, elegant and easily recreated visual mark of your brand.


4. Moving logos

2017 was the year of video and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down in 2018. Using subtle animations to create “moving logos” is one way to breath some life into your logo and really make a lasting impression with your audience. The best part is that even if you currently have a static logo, with a quick touch of animated magic, we can transform any logo into a moving logo.


5. Paintbrush effects

Your finger painting days aren’t over with this fun and creative logo trend. A digital paintbrush style showcases something between a hand drawn logo and a digital creation. What makes this style so appealing is the illusion of the brush-like texture as well as the endless opportunities to combine bright and bold colours.


6. Letter stacking

Spice up a textual based logo by playing around with the spacing. This style is all about strategically placing letters above, below and beside each other to create a unique layout. This format is ideal for companies that have longer names to create a catchy yet clean first impression.


At its core, a great logo should accurately represent your brand and act as s symbolic piece of artwork that truly reflects your company. Some golden principle to always keep in mind when creating a logo is to keep it simple, versatile, appropriate and unique. If you’re creating a start-up company or looking to refresh your current logo, contact us today and our trusted design team will push the boundaries to create a logo that will leave a lasting impression.