Mar 13, 2018

8 Top Logo Design Trends for 2020

Top Logo Design Trends

Your company’s logo is one of the most important pieces of your brand that makes you memorable and cut through all of the noise. Now that we have officially rung in the New Year, everyone is looking to what are going to be the trends for 2020. Whether it be fashion, science or medicine, everyone is just dying to know what this futuristic-sounding decade will bring.

Personally, our fingers are crossed for flying cars and robot butlers but in the meantime, we will discuss the more relevant topic of logo trends for 2020. We’ve updated our list of trends for the year ahead and we have to say, we’re pretty excited.

Not only are we going to see more splashes of exciting colour, we’re even going to see some throwbacks with retro-style logos. 2020 you have not disappointed us yet!

1. I can see right through you: Semi-transparent shapes in logos

While this trend emerged in the latter half of 2019, we can expect it to continue and even become elevated in the coming year.

The logic, interestingly enough, is that the transparency in the logo communicates that the company itself is transparent, and builds trust with their consumers.

2. We’re here to stay: 3D logos

Two-dimension logos depicting 3D objects is not a new concept and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The logos create depth indicating their company is present in all spheres.

Combined with other colour and gradient trends in the new year, they’re still going to look like something we would expect from a futuristic 2020.

3. Expressly for you: Logotypes

You get a custom font, you get a custom font, YOU GET A CUSTOM FONT!

That’s right, your personal font will literally depict exactly what your business does, or not. Consumers are pretty savvy these days, so your font could be “speaking” to your audience with a secret meaning.

4. Oh you fancy: Metallics

Silver and gold simply exude exclusivity and luxury. Well, maybe because they are precious metals so they are exclusive and luxurious, but you know what we mean!

Look out for metallic embossing on brand logos jazzing up everything from business cards to labels.

5. Hangin’ out down the street: Retro style

Any other That ‘70s Show fans out there? Well, whether you like it or not you’re going to be seeing a lot more grunge look, worn-out paper, retro colour schemes and patterns.

The ’70s aren’t just back for logos however, we can expect to see this motif throughout all graphic design functions.

6. Technicolour dreams: Multicolour gradient

From what we saw in 2019, gradients are popular and we can expect so much more from this trend in 2020. They will be using bright colours to create visually exciting pallets that almost look something of a dream or from the Wizard of Oz.

This dynamic and seamless colour change makes multicolour gradient logos both alluring and inviting.

7. Marie Condo but for your logo: Minimalism

Hear us out; when did things need to become so complicated and cluttered? Does your logo spark joy?

In amongst the rest of the trends, we will see a return to simplified logos using dots, lines and squares. These simple black and white designs can communicate the brand identity without being distracting and transfer seamlessly from digital to print fairly consistently.

Of all these, we expect the circle to, well, come full circle. As a basic geometric shape that symbolizes fulfillment, when paired with a bold custom logotype it’s likely to skyrocket in popularity this year.

8. Life in cartoon motion: Animated cartoon logos

Let’s face it, cartoon logos are just plain fun, and companies love to communicate the friendliness of their brand.
Some conniving company isn’t going to have a cute cartoon giraffe as its logo, right? Plus these cartoon logos are going to be animated to boot!

Interestingly, they aren’t all going to be perfect caricatures, we will see more doodle-based cartoons that bring a human element to the brand image.

So there you have it folks, the top 8 design trends for logos in the oh-so futuristic 2020. When developing or refreshing your brand, remember that your logo should accurately represent your company whether you choose to do so through an icon or have your company name right in the logo.

If you’re starting a new company or looking for a brand refresh in the roaring ‘20s, be sure to contact us here at Design Thinking in Brantford for a logo you and your customers won’t soon forget!