Aug 30, 2019

Life at Design Thinking

Let us start by saying welcome to Design Thinking! As a marketing agency that values creativity through insight, there are no two days that ever look alike here and that’s the way we like it.

We can’t count the number of times friends, family and of course, clients, have asked us what it’s like to work at Design Thinking. The cool kids call it “DT” by the way, so we thought it was time to give everyone a glimpse into life here at DT.


Each and every day starts with a very joyful “good morning!” from our one-of-a-kind web developer, Anooj. You can’t help but smile at it and it’s never a bad thing to start your day off with a smile. Very quickly after that, the rush to the coffee maker and espresso machine begins.

Once we’ve all had a sip or two (or gulps) of the java, we head to the boardroom for a quick team meeting. During our morning meetings, there’s always a laugh or two, unplanned colour coordination (happens more often than you think!) and then it’s time to get down to business. We review what projects will be worked on throughout the day, ask any questions that need to be addressed and then… BREAK! Everyone is off to their desks and their creativity caps are on.


With every day being so different, there is no set routine to follow which is half the fun. The other half of the fun is the unlimited breadsticks that we are supplied to munch on throughout the day to keep our creativity flowing.

Now that we’ve had our coffee and breadsticks, our Communication Coordinators get to work organizing projects between the clients and our web/design teams, answering emails, and scheduling meetings, all while strategizing campaigns to implement. There may be a game or two of Crokinole and a little Bachelor/Bachelorette talk thrown into the mix as well.


Don’t worry – the answer to that question is almost always yes! Just after lunchtime, the mid-day lull hits and you can always count on Caroline to make sure there’s another pot of coffee brewing.

Once we have our second hit of caffeine, the coordinators continue strategizing away while the design team gets busy bringing those strategies to life by crafting creative that you can’t help but just say “Wow” too. Or, they’re busy photoshopping each other’s faces and thinking of the next prank to pull on the office. Needless to say, they always keep us on our toes!

Once we’re ready to unveil our creative materials to the world, our digital and production teams get to work pushing out our pieces across the web as well as through print. Although this takes up the majority of their days, they still find the time to somehow teach the rest of us something new every day.

Feel free to ask any one of us what a landing page is and we will be able to tell you thanks to Natasha, our SEO expert and would be winner for every single Trivia Night. Yes, she does really know that many random facts!


Once we’ve wrapped up for the day, whoever is first to the printer hears it from everyone else to grab their timesheets as well.

For the days that are particularly crazy and unpredictable, that’s when we know it’s time to get the social committee together to start planning the next team outing. From bowling and kayaking to tree trekking and range shooting, you can always count on the ladies in the office to plan something quite memorable.

Although every day is different, there are a few things that you can always count on when it comes to life at Design Thinking – gongolis/breadsticks, burritos, coffee, nerf gun wars, creative brainstorming sessions, pranks, the colour orange and knowing that you’re part of a team that knows how to turn any situation into a good time.